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Green Tea scented candle

100% Eco-Friendly soy wax candle

Burn time: 45-50 hours.

Handmade in Spain

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Additional Info

This candle is made in small batches in order to guarantee quality and uniqueness, Its base is free of petroleum, paraffin wax and animal fat. By using only 100% pure vegetable wax, and through the use of additional natural and biodegradable substances we can guarantee a clean and renewable source of energy produced in the most sustainable of manners. Vegetable oils have very clean combustion properties preventing the emission of fumes and gases attributed to paraffin candles which are harmful to health.

This candle has been designed to have a second life. Please, clean the glass and reuse it as a coffee mug, a bowl, or even for decoration. We have taken care of every small detail to make our first candle a unique one. Please, recycle the glass if you do not reuse it.